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Our Hand Picked Seasonal Single Origin Specify Coffee

Online Interactive Home Brewing Coffee Classes

Ever wanted your own Personal Barista Trainer at home? We are making your dream to make perfect cafe quality coffee at home become a reality!

Learn to brew coffee at home like a pro with Mikro!

Let our expert baristas come straight to your kitchen or home office (virtually) and teach you the secrets and brew recipes we use in our brew bar to make mind-blowing coffee.

The format of our virtual barista training and lessons begins as of Monday the 30th of March and we will initially be hosting groups of 10 home baristas and coffee and coffee lovers at a time and answer all your burning questions and teach you how to brew perfect coffee at home with us!

Our Mikro at Home classes will include the following brew methods:

- Stovetop espresso & Plunger (French press)

- Aeropress

- Pour Over v60 and Chemex & Cold Brew

- Home Espresso machines

Welcome To Mikro

Your Specialty coffee experience starts here...

The meaning of the Word "MIKRO" (mikrós) in greek means Small which best describes our small batch roasting approach to focus on what matters most, quality, flavour profiles and consistency of our specialty coffee and consumer experience.

We are committed to sourcing and roasting only specialty grade sustainable coffees sourced from all over the world and building relationships with coffee farmers and merchants to ensure sustainability, quality and trace ability of  all our single origin coffees used in our carefully crafted specialty cafe blends and coffees for home consumers.

Lets start your Mikro Specialty Coffee experience Right NOW!