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Grab 1kg Of Premium Mikro Coffee & Get 250g Bonus Blend To Try!

Grab 1kg Of Premium Mikro Coffee & Get 250g Bonus Blend To Try!

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Socially Responsible ❤️ Directly-traded 👩‍🌾

Earth-Friendly 🌍 Premium Quality 💎

Looking for premium, sustainable coffee that you can enjoy at home or in your office? Look no further than Mikro Coffee Roasters! With our convenient subscription service, you'll never run out of great coffee again. Plus, we'll send you a free 250g bonus blend of your choice so you can try more of our coffees for yourself.

At Mikro, we're committed to sourcing only premium quality, directly traded, and sustainable coffees. We're also proud to be a 1% for the Planet member and donate 2% of our total company turnover to local grassroots charities. 

When you buy from us, you're not just getting great coffee. You're also supporting small coffee farmers and our small Victorian business & our Aussie team of staff, who are paid well above industry recommended minimum wages and enjoy a healthy work/life balance.

With our pending B Corp certification, you can be sure that our environmental and societal claims are verified and assured in a formal and globally recognized format.

So why wait? Grab a bag of Mikro today and start enjoying premium coffee that makes a real positive impact and reward yourself with a bonus 250g of our premium blend of your choice.

Discover the taste of perfection with our crowd-favourite blends featuring:

 1️⃣ 500g of Little Italy - an elegant fusion of velvety chocolate notes and a hint of roasted nuts, a real crowd favourite and one of our oldest, original Mikro coffee blends

2️⃣ 500g of Mikro Seasonal Blend - a harmonious blend of the finest seasonal beans, delivering a vibrant and fresh coffee experience that changes every coffee season

3️⃣ 500g of Best of Africa - a captivating journey through the diverse coffee landscapes of Africa, with a symphony of fruity, floral, and earthy tones, our best selling & Multi Award-winning coffee blend.

Please note that this is a special deal and no further discount codes or coupons can be applied.

We love this 1kg with 250g free package for the great value this deal offers if you need a bit more coffee and want to get a great bang for your buck. You can even order 1kg of one blend and change the free 250g to be a different blend to try or even a decaf
At Mikro we focus on offering only premium and as directly traded coffees as possible. Our coffee is sourced, roasted and delivered to your door completely carbon-neutral and you dont need to do a thing but simply support us at Mikro to help us source, buy, roast and deliver ethical and delicious coffee
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We are 1% for the planet & beyond. This means that we are committed to contributing over 1% of our company turnover every year to local and Australian national causes to improve the environment and the quality of life of Australian people.

In fact we go further than and contribute 2% of our total company turnover to help drive real and purposeful change in Australia.

In other words, if our small business Mikro Coffee Roasters does not make a net profit for the financial year, we are still making a large contribution to worthy causes to help create positive social and environmental impact regardless of how profitable our company is.

As of 2022-2023 financial year Mikro Coffee Roasters is commited to ensure that 2% of our annual sales from all activities including our 1% for the planet membership commitment are contributed to registered charitable organizations to help make a real and meaningful impact to social and environmental causes.

Our commitment as a company is to contribute 2% of our total sales annually.

Each quarter we consult with our team members as well as our customers to decide which causes should take priority for our contributions and donations and distribute our funds and product accordingly.

You can download our donations policy here...

This policy is current as of 1st of July 2023

As of 2022 we support the following not for profit organizations:

Bayleaf Community Kitchen  - 

Bay Leaf Community Kitchen is a non-profit charity providing quality home cooked meals and support for families in need in the Geelong region.

Sea Shepherd Australia - Protecting our oceans from pollution and poaching

Surfrider Foundation Australia (Torquay)

Surfrider Foundation Australia is a registered not for profit sea-roots organisation dedicated to the protection of Australia’s waves and beaches through conservation, activism, research and education.

Surfers Appreciating the Natural Environment (SANE Torquay) - 

S.A.N.E Promoting awareness and understanding of coastal conservation issues & undertake conservation projects on the surf coast.

The Wheen Bee Foundation - Organisation protecting our bees

Backpack Bed For Homeless - 

Founder Tony Clark and his wife Lisa designed the life-saving Sleeping Bag Hypothermia Pack and the Backpack Bed® (emergency swag) to give dignity to homeless people without shelter.

Greenfleet Australia

Greenfleet plants native biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to restore critical ecosystems and capture carbon emissions on behalf of our supporters.  Our forests are legally protected, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, improve soil and water quality, and provide vital habitat for native wildlife.

Surf Coast Energy Group Inc. (SCEG)

The Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation encouraging positive behaviour change and promoting an understanding of climate change and resource use.


Ceres is an environmental education centre, community garden, urban farm and social enterprise hub spread across 4 locations linked by the Merri and Darebin creeks

Check out our 1% For The Planet certified member profile here...

Without you and your support we couldn't help make these positive contributions possible and we thank you for supporting a small Victorian based coffee roastery!

This information is up to date, true and correct as of July 2023.

If you are having trouble finding what you need or just need help with some tips to make the most of your Mikro Coffee at home please check out some useful links below!

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