Cafe Supply & Wholesale Coffee

Mikro Coffee Roasters buy fresh crop coffees from the most reputable green coffee traders at a sustainable price level, roast these coffees individually to perfection and pack them immediately in one-way valve bags for ultimate freshness.
Our coffee is roasted weekly to order and delivered fresh to your cafe every week. So your cafe or coffee shop will always have fresh coffee!
We proudly roast on a German Probat Probatone 12 Series shop roaster and we distribute and service only industry leading espresso equipment such Sanremo & La Marzocco espresso machines, Anfim & Mazzer as well as Mahlkönig grinders right down to the Eazyv3 auto tamps and traditional tamps and finest quality milk jugs to help you brew coffee at the highest possible standard and grow your business!
Now that We Got Your Back and have your specialty coffee needs sorted we need to pay attention to your most important asset, your barista!
Your barista is going to be the face the language and your coffee representative, the vessel that delivers perfect customer service and great coffee.
WE CAN HELP YOU train your baristas to properly communicate your coffee experience to your customers, provide excellent service and ensure that your customer always leaves your cafe satisfied and craving more. This will in turn lead to increased volumes, top end service, coffee quality and money in your bank!
We offer on site barista training and Free cupping sessions at our roasting house as well as espresso and filter coffee workshops with alternating topics on coffee and brewing as well as customer service skills.
If you are planning to buy or open a new coffee shop or café or looking to change your coffee supplier you need to contact us or call (04)3662129 to hear how we can assist you with planning your business and getting to know coffee.