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Little Italy Award-Winning Espresso Blend

Little Italy Award-Winning Espresso Blend

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Embark on a flavor-filled journey to the heart of Italy with Mikro Coffee Roasters' Little Italy Blend.

Our Little Italy Blend is a tribute to the rich and traditional coffee culture of Italy. Expertly crafted with select beans from the finest coffee-growing regions worldwide, this blend offers an authentic Italian coffee experience right in your cup.

Prepare to be enchanted by its robust and full-bodied profile, characterized by a harmonious balance of sweetness and bitterness. As you take a sip, you'll discover a rich, creamy texture followed by enticing notes of dark chocolate and toasted nuts. The enduring, pleasant aftertaste is reminiscent of the lingering charm of an Italian café.

Roasted to perfection in our Torquay, Victoria facility, the Little Italy Blend ensures that you're not only enjoying an exceptional coffee but also supporting responsible sourcing and fair practices in the coffee trade.

Mikro Coffee Roasters' Little Italy Blend isn't just a coffee - it's a passport to the vibrant coffee culture of Italy. Experience the warmth and passion of Italian coffee heritage while supporting a local business committed to ethical practices and fairness in the coffee industry.

The Little Italy Premium Espresso Coffee is Direct Trade

In 2021 we have formed a new direct trade relationship with Ismael Andrade and his son Romulo Andrade from Sao Silvestre Estate and now our Little Italy blend is roasted with 50% Brazil Sao Silvestre estate sourced directly in co operation with Ismael and Romulo.

We can proudly say that their premium coffee has made a significant further improvement to our Little Italy blend and added a richer aroma and deeper, longer lasting finish to the blend.

The Brazil from Sao Silvestre estate blends perfectly with Certified Organic natural process Ethiopian Coffee which adds more body and sweetness and a touch of dried stone fruits to the blend and to top it all off we also add a Certified Organic Honduras coffee to add some more depth to the blend.

This espresso coffee blend is roasted with traditional Italian espresso in mind with rich body and delicious flavour notes of dark cocoa, roasted hazelnuts and almonds with dark chocolate finish and salted caramel sweetness. This coffee is very easy to use for a home barista and the professional barista alike.

 2023 Season Little Italy Blend contains:

60% Sao Silvestre Brazil - Directly Traded with Ismael Andrade via David from FTA Coffee

20% Ethiopia Sidamo Organic Oddo Shakiso, Oromia Region

20% Mexico Red Fox Washed

Please enjoy!

This blend is a 7/10 in strength and is an overall crowd pleaser. The current 2022 blend has the flavour of rich chocolate, toasted almonds and hazelnuts and caramel.
Home Espresso Recipe: 20 grams of espresso ground coffee 36 grams of espresso yield in cup Extraction time between 22 to 26 seconds For Plunger ( French Press) 18 grams of coarse ground coffee 250 grams of water, preferably around 93c to 96c
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We are 1% for the planet. This means that we are committed to contributing 1% of our company turnover every year to local and Australian national causes to improve the environment and the quality of life of Australian people.

As of September 2022 we support the following not for profit organizations:


Surf Coast Energy Group Inc. (SCEG)

Surfrider Foundation Australia (Torquay)

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