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  • Now Delivering Via TNT For Even Faster Service!
  • Local door to door delivery for Torquay & Geelong

Where Does our Green Coffee Come From?

We often get asked the question whether or not we buy sustainable coffee that is fairly traded?


In 2021 we formed 2 new Direct Trade relationships with coffee farm in Brazil and Colombia.

We directly trade our Brazilian coffee with Ismael Andrade and Romulo Andrade from Sao Silvestre Estate and contribute a higher average price per kg of their coffee directly to Ismael's bank account to ensure that the money goes directly to his farm and is spend where it is needed most.

Our Colombian coffee is Directly Traded via Carlos at Cofinet and it comes from Volcano program setup by Cofinet in Colombia in Narino. It is a social program setup with focus on education and helping the smallest and least protected coffee farmers in Narino region. 

Volcano coffee is only sourced from smallest land holders not exceeding 1.5 hectares and the idea is to offer a premium price paid for premium quality coffee at least 10% above of what is offered by local co operatives.

We make it our priority to buy sustainably farmed coffees in conjuction with our trading partners that ensure that coffee farmers that we buy our coffee from get paid a fair price for their hard work and dedication to produce high grade coffees that we carefully roast and blend for your enjoyment.

To learn more about our reputable coffee trading partners please visit their respective websites for more information below...

FTA Specialty Coffee

Cofinet Specialty Coffee

Bennets Coffee Traders


By choosing to purchase Mikro Coffee Roasters coffee you are helping create a more sustainable and fair coffee trade and every kg of sustainably sourced coffee makes a real difference to coffee farmers that we buy coffee from.