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Mikro Seasonal Espresso Blend

Mikro Coffee Roasters

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This Mikro House Blend was created with smooth and rich coffee experience in mind. We selected and roasted coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia & Brazil to create a blend that is smooth with notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, roasted almonds and light floral and stone fruit tone.

This house blend is a crowd-pleaser and is also suitable to be brewed and enjoyed as a black coffee.

*Please specify in your comments section if you require this coffee to be ground and for which brewing method

Recommended Cafe espresso recipe

21gr Ground Coffee

18 to 20 seconds on Sanremo at 93c temp

25 to 28 seconds La Marzocco at 93c temp

36 grams yield in the cup for milk drinks and 40g for black coffees

Recommended brew at home espresso recipe

18 to 20gr of ground coffee depending on basket size

Brew times may vary greatly due to brew pressure and grind size suited to your home machine.

32 to 36 grams yield In cup. Aim to ensure that your espresso is not watery. If it looks watery and tastes bitter you need to reduce how much yield (water passed through the coffee to brew espresso) results in the cup. For example if your final espresso weight is 45 grams and tastes bitter or smokey reduce your final yield to 34 to 38 grams to avoid potential over extraction of the coffee.

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