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  • Subscribe To Our Blends & Save 10%
  • Free Express Shipping Over $65
  • Local door to door delivery for Torquay & Geelong

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Before I ask you to buy our stuff and spend your hard earned money with us let me tell you a little about what we do and why I think you will enjoy your experience with Mikro Coffee and what we have to offer.


We are a small coffee roasting business based in Torquay, Victoria with a mission to help shape the future of coffee industry and hospitality by changing the way everything is done and the way you enjoy your coffee at home.


From sourcing premium coffee directly from the farmers and paying higher premiums for their quality coffee, looking after our Mikro team members and providing them with a safe and inclusive workplace with above-award fair dinkum wages that they can improve their lives with and making sure every supplier we work with is paid on time and fairly. 


Our team here at Mikro go above and beyond to provide you with excellent coffee experience and ready to answer any questions you may have to make the most of your Mikro Coffee Experience at home or at your office.


So, what's in it for you for choosing Mikro Coffee?


If you have already tried our coffee and keen to have it delivered to your front door by our friendly team, you can now Save 10% on every order by subscribing to have your order delivered every 7, 14, 21 or 31 days with an easy to sign up process and you can cancel anytime.


As our coffee subscriber you will get 10% saving on your regular coffee delivery locked in for the life of your coffee subscription and you can call us or come and see us at the roastery anytime during open hours and chat about any changes you need to make to your subscription and our crew will be happy to assist you.


Will you help us support our team of staff to stay in jobs and with fair wages and help us pay higher premiums to our coffee farmers?


All you have to do to help us is simply choose to buy locally roasted quality coffee and get it delivered to your front door and believe me, you will be glad you did. ✅


Its our responsibility to do the right thing and look after everybody that works with Mikro Coffee, especially our local and hard working Torquay Crew.


So, how about it ?

Start Saving Time & Money & Subscribe Today!

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