Our Wholesale Supply Policy & Trading Terms

We aim to set a high specialty coffee standard so that our ever growing loyal clientelle can get the same quality product no matter which cafe they visit. We do alot of marketing and promotion of our wholesale customer cafes to make sure that our clientelle visits our partner cafes when travelling through different towns or suburbs that we supply.
While we do provide quality espresso equipment we preffer our wholesale customers to invest in their own equipment and it doesnt mean major financial outlay with companies like Buddy Finance and Silverchef on the market offering equipment finance with affordable lease to own repayments. By selling just a few cups of coffee you can easily cover the cost of leasing to own the best equipment on the market. Investing in your own quality coffee equipment shows us your commitment to quality and the desire to produce high standard beverages for your customers.

We deal primarily with Sanremo espresso machines simply because this equipment is unmatched in terms of stability quality and reliability as well as high standard of brewed coffee using Sanremo espresso machines.

As for coffee grinders we use and recommend either Anfim SP2, Mazzer, Mahlkonig.

We can arrange all your equipment and also pass on 10% rebate from the total purchase price of your new Sanremo equipment at our discretion as well as coffee grinders mentioned above. This Rebate is provided by Mikro Coffee Roasters to our selected wholesale partner cafes only and does not apply to second hand equipment. This rebate is not provided by our coffee equipment suppliers partner company to customers looking to purchase equipment.

Our Specialty Coffee standards are high and we expect our wholesale customers to follow a certain standard of quality to retain integrity of the product as the final custodian of the coffee supply chain. We will spend time with you and your staff to provide the training and tools you need to ensure that product quality, integrity and reputation is upheld and your cafe benefits from serving quality consistent coffee and gain repeat loyal customers which is very important.

By choosing us as your business growth partner and wholesale roaster you are not only investing in quality specialty coffee but also our experience and knowledge to help you build your coffee business.
Our Trading terms are simple.
If you choose to work with us and expect quality and consistent coffee and great customer service, we expect you to pay for your coffee within our trading terms negotiated with you. If you fail to follow through with payment terms we agreed on with you and you fail to pay for your coffee we will freeze your account within 24 hours and may choose to stop supply of your product at our discretion. Let's do clean, good and honest business.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we can arrange an appointment to discuss helping you set up your coffee bar and organize the right equipment as well as training and other bits and pieces to make sure you are ready to open your cafe on the right foot with nothing overlooked or missed.