Expert Brew Recipes For Home Users

Expert Coffee Brew Recipes For Your Home Brewing Enjoyment

Lets Get Straight To The Point, Here Are The Brew Recipes We Tried & Tested For Your Convenience!

Home Espresso Machine Recipes

Step 1.

Ensure that you are using a double size basket with all holes at the bottom, not the double bottom basket with only a few holes in the centre.

Step 2.

Grab yourself a set of working scales that allow you to measure in grams, you will need these to weigh your ground coffee & brewed coffee.

Grind and place 18gr espresso grind coffee in your basket, use your scales to weigh the ground coffee you are placing in your basket to ensure it is as close to 18gr as possible.

Step 3.

Put your cup on the scales and tare the scales to 0 with your cup on the scales. Now you are ready to brew so lock in your group handle in your machine and press the double cup button.

The Brew time we are aiming for is minimum 20 seconds and no more than 30 seconds. After your coffee finishes extracting check the extraction time and place your cup back on the scales with your espresso and check how much espresso is in your cup in grams. It should not be more than 32 to 36 grams for a double shot espresso.

So lets repeat that, the final double espresso in your cup should be no more than 32 to 36 grams in weight and should not take less than 20 seconds to brew and no longer than 30 seconds to brew.

Step 4.

If your extraction time was less than 20 seconds you need to make your coffee grind finer one or two steps on your grinder. If you are unable to make it any finer then you can add a bit more coffee to your basket to help increase brew pressure and slightly increase brew time. If your extraction runs longer than 30 seconds you need to make your grind a step or two coarser.

Your ideal Extraction time should be between 20 to 26 seconds

Step 5.

Add steamed milk and enjoy!

NOTE! If your coffee is tasting too milky the real reason behind that could be that your espresso to milk ratio is a bit out of balance. In a cafe setting we serve a single espresso to 160 ml of Milk, so a big home mug might need 3 espresso shots to achieve the same flavour strength and body in milk as you would experience in a cafe. Alternatively you can half fill your big mug with milk or use a smaller size cup to achieve the flavour strength you desire.

Some cafes will serve a double espresso or double ristretto (restricted espresso, or in other words shorter shot which could be around 22 to 26 grams as opposed to a full 32 to 36 gram double espresso) in a 180-220ml cup.


Home Espresso Recipe Suitable For Black Coffees

17 grams of espresso ground coffee

38 grams of espresso yield in cup

Extraction time between 22 to 26 seconds

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Plunger Brew Recipe & Video Lesson

Plunger Brew Recipe
Step 1.
Weigh and grind 18 grams of coffee, you need to grind it fairly coarse. Place your ground coffee in your plunger ready for the hot water to rain down on that delicious coffee.
Step 2.
Boil your water and allow to stand for a minute or two, ideally we want our brew temperature to be around 93 to 96c, if you cant measure that dont stress too much just boil the kettle and let it sit for abit.
Step 3.
Pour the hot water over the ground coffee and fill your plunger with 250ml of water to 18 grams of ground coffee ratio. Place the plunger top back on and press the filter down just enough to touch the floating coffee and allow it to brew for 2 minutes.
Step 4.
Plunge the coffee and enjoy in your favourite cup!
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