3 Things That STOP You From Making Great Coffee at Home!

Does Your Home Espresso Coffee Look Like This...


Controversial: 3 Things that stop you from making great coffee at home & what we can do to help you fix this injustice!

We know how frustrated you must be, trying and trying to brew that perfect cup of coffee at home and wasting heaps of coffee beans to try and get at least one or two perfect cups of coffee.

You have every right to be frustrated because you have potentially being mislead the whole time about brewing great coffee at home but dont worry, we can help you understand the 3 simple things that you need to know that are holding you back from that perfect cup!


#1. Your coffee could be stale!

Thats right, if you buy coffee from a supermarket or a grocer it could potentially be stale. If you cant find a roast date on your bag of coffee it could be a sign that the coffee you are trying to brew is no longer suitable, especially for espresso brewing.

Solution: Buy fresh coffee from a reputable coffee roaster, at Mikro we roast daily so when you order your coffee and by the time you receive it, it will be optimal for brewing at home!You can get freshly roasted, quality coffee from us right here at mikro.coffee !


#2 You are using the wrong cup!

Thats right! I discovered this when i started working in our cafes and brewing coffee at home for my old folks on their home espresso machine, the coffee always tasted too milky even though I used the same coffee we achieved amazing results with at our cafes.

I fell in to the same trap that you are in right now!If you are trying to make a mug of your favourite cappuccino and it tastes too milky or too strong you need to reconsider the size of the cup you are using and here is the reason why...

If your mug is say 400ml and you are using a single shot of espresso from your home machine your milk to espresso ratio is not the best, if you want to use a single shot espresso we would recommend no more than 140 to 180ml of milk.

Same goes for black coffee, if you use too much hot water for your long black for example 400ml to a single espresso or even a double espresso it will taste weak and watery.

Solution: Aim for a ratio of 1 espresso to 140-180ml of milk. This can often be solved by drinking your coffee from a smaller sized cup.


#3 Your brew recipe is wrong!

Did you know that the recipe to brew great coffee is just as important as baking the perfect cake, one or two simple mistakes can ruin your coffee.

Solution: All you need is a humble set of kitchen scales and the right brew recipe!Want to learn more and let us help you change your home coffee game so you can impress your partner, your friends or your family members with your new learned barista skills!


Sounds good?



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