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EazyV3 Auto Coffee Tamper

Mikro coffee Roasters

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Do you or your baristas suffer from sore wrists, shoulders or back from repeatedly tamping coffee?

Or maybe you are experiencing inconsistent brews between baristas due to individual tamping techniques and pressure and find yourself wasting coffee shots due to occasional or frequent channeling?

EazyV3 precision Auto Tamp is the only automatic coffee tamper on the market that is not only reliable and precise it is also proudly Australian Made and guaranteed to help you solve these problems.

The key benefits of EazyV3 automatic tamper over other competing auto tampers on the market currently is the precise kg tamping pressure setting that is manually calibrated and tested by Elie when each Eazyv3 is hand built in Victoria.

This automatic tamper is also able to produce up to 50kg of tamping force that completely changes the flavour profile of your espresso extraction and this needs to be tried and tasted to be believed, dont just take our word for it, you need to try this for yourself and you are welcome to test it for yourself at our coffee roastery in Torquay any time.

The leveling of the tamping with this unit Is also very good, you don't need to manually manipulate the group handle on the tamping bridge to achieve a level tamp every time.

No more sore baristas and no more channeling shots and inconsistent coffees, it is time to end these problems forever and set yourself up with a eazyv3 automatic tamper!



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