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Anfim SP2 Espresso Grinder

Mikro Coffee Roasters

Regular price $2,750.00
Anfim SP2 Espresso Grinder
Built for high volume Australian Cafes the Anfim SP 2 Espresso Grinder Special Performance is all about quality and efficiency for a perfectly clean espresso taste.
Customised Titanium coated grinding blades built for minimal wear and tear and are paired with dual fan system, which reduces heat from grinding coffee.
The stepless worm drive grind adjustment that doesnt shift throughout the day and the user-friendly software with a precise dose timer, adjustable by steps of 1/10 of a second ensures consistent and exact dosing necessary for a constant pour time and perfect taste in the cup.
The Start/Stop automatic activation switch for the portafilter makes it easy to use the grinder hands free. You can also activate button to become single touch for grinding in to dosing cups. The Anfim SP 2 Special Performance is the perfect solution in high volume cafe environment.

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