3 Reasons Why More Aussies Choose to Drink Mikro Coffee & Make a Real Difference!

Find out why more Aussies choose to drink Mikro & making a real difference to livelihoods of hard working Australians.
1. By choosing delicious freshly roasted Mikro coffee to start your day you choose to support a small Australian owned business based in Torquay and helping us keep our awesome staff in jobs!
2. And let's not forget about the coffee farmers also doing it tougher than ever before this year. By choosing Mikro you are helping them feed their families and keep coffee production going strong.
Our coffee is Ethically sourced via Reputable & Trustworthy Australian coffee importers that pay fair prices to coffee farmers we buy coffee from.
3. You should be Rewarded for choosing to support a small Victorian business and you Deserve a little bit extra value. We will give you a Bonus 500g bag of any of our blends if you add any 2Kg to your cart at mikro.coffee to thank you for your support.
Make your morning coffee count! You will feel fantastic by supporting a small business & livelihoods of everyday Australians and we won't let you down on the quality of our coffee & quick delivery!
What you need to do to grab your bonus 500g gift from us:
Add to cart at least 2Kgs of our Award-winning coffee blends & you can add to cart 500g bag of your choice FREE with Complimentary FREE Postage or Local Delivery to your door in Torquay & Geelong areas!
Sounds good?
Stock up on coffee here at Mikro.coffee you will feel great about choosing to suport Mikro knowing that your morning coffee makes a difference!
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