Cafe-quality coffee at home

3 Reasons Why You’ll Never Want To Drink Any Other Brand Of Coffee After You Try This.

Start your journey to cafe-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home with this glorious blend.

1. Easy To Brew At Home

In a matter of minutes you can make coffee that rivals any professional barista.


Whether you’re in a rush in the morning and need a jump start or taking a few minutes to yourself throughout the day, reach for our Little Italy Espresso Blend.


It brews in no time at all and will be your favourite new companion in a cup!

2. Deliciously Rich Flavour Profile  

Roasted with traditional Italian Espresso in mind and blended to perfection with a modern twist, including notes of dark cocoa, roasted hazelnuts and almonds with milk chocolate sweetness.


Blended together you’ll create the best brew you’ve ever tasted - every single time!

3. It Arrives Almost Instantly  

It’s not unusual for our store manager and delivery driver Zac to pull up to your house within hours of ordering. Almost all local orders, would you believe it, are delivered the same day or next day and all posted orders are sent out the same day for fastest delivery possible!


That means you’re getting the freshest coffee straight from the roastery, so you can get your coffee fix ASAP with some of the best coffees Victoria has to offer.

1,000+ Happy Victorian's Trust Mikro’s Little Italy Blend To Make Their Day!

"We wouldn't buy any other coffee” - Michele P.

“We love the Little Italy Espresso Blend” - Anne K.

“We've gone through 7kg of the Little Italy Espresso Blend in the last few months and it's fantastic ” - Luke B.

"We enjoyed their coffee so much we decided to bring their beans home with us!” - Ben T.

How Little Italy Espresso Blend Came To Life

Over 6 years ago we set out to create a coffee blend that tastes deliciously rich and is easy for anyone to brew, from beginners at home all the way through to baristas at your local cafe.


The Little Italy Espresso Blend was born and it’s been a crowd-pleaser ever since.


Cafes all over Victoria are trusting this signature Mikro blend to create incredible coffee every time for their customers.


So, it’s no wonder it’s popularity is exploding in the home market and is helping thousands of Victorian’s fall in love with their mornings and enjoy some time to themselves throughout the day through sipping this divine blend.


Reward your taste buds with Mikro’s Little Italy Espresso Blend.

Our Philosophy + Free Gift

Your home coffee experience is our number one priority because without you we couldn’t continue doing what we love.


We love roasting quality coffee (seriously - it’s what we live for). We wake up thinking about coffee, we drink coffee and go to bed thinking about how we can enrich your lifestyle and improve your home coffee experience


Producing a truly great coffee starts with buying suistanably sourced quality green coffee and roasting the beans with experience, great care & attention but it doesn’t stop there. And that’s why we provide the fastest delivery around and we even teach you how to brew like a barista in the comfort of your own home in our Mikro Home Coffee Academy.


That’s right - we’ll teach you how to brew the perfect coffee every time!


Look, anyone can whip up an OK cup of coffee. However, we want you to be the best and delight yourself and anyone lucky enough to share the experience, with every cup you make.


So with every order of our Little Italy Espresso Blend, we’re offering you the chance to claim free membership to our Online Coffee Academy! (valued at $79).


To claim this offer simply enter the code "MIKRO" at checkout.


So what are you waiting for?