Reusing Packaging & Refilling Your BYO Coffee Containers

At Mikro we made a firm commitment to reducing waste and repurposing as much of our packaging materials as possible to prolong the lifecycle of our packaging.

To achieve this we offer $2 discount across the board on all our coffee products for any customer that brings back our empty coffee packaging to be refilled with fresh beans again.

Alternatively you can bring your own packaging or storage tin that keeps your coffee fresh and we will happily refill it for you at a $2 discount to award you for helping us reduce waste.

If you are looking for a really cool, air tight storage container for your coffee we have our NEW Mikro x Airscape coffee tins to help you reduce waste and have your coffee filled directly in to these containers when you visit us to purchase beans or ground coffee.

Check out our Mikro x Airscape coffee tins here...

Did you know that our Paper Coffee Bags are fully recyclable and 100% home-compostable?

As soon as you receive your coffee delivery or purchase it from our roastery at Mikro you can transfer your coffee beans in to your airtight container and recycle the coffee bag in your paper recycling bin or even put it in your home compost or your worm farm, how cool is that! 

This is our way to reimagine and reinvent coffee packaging to get away from plastic that lasts forever in our Environment and doesn't get properly recycled.

We thank you for your ongoing support of Mikro Coffee Roasters and your cooperation in helping us reduce packaging waste, together we can help make a difference.