Our Carbon Policy & Commitment To Carbon-Neutrality

Mikro Coffee Roasters is proudly a Carbon-neutral company as of August 2022.

We have diligently calculated all carbon emissions directly and indirectly related to our activities as a coffee roasting company and taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our waste and working with companies that have already taken the steps to completely offset their carbon footprint and become carbon-neutral companies.

To offset our greenhouse gas emissions that are inevitably created from operating a coffee roasting business we purchase Australian Accredited carbon units from accredited Australian Carbon Market broker to completely offset the remainder of our emissions that we are unable to remove from our business such as natural gas use to roast coffee, operations of motor vehicle and other small incidentals.

The Following Services & Companies We use That are already 100% Carbon-Neutral.

  • FTA Coffee (importing our coffee from Ismael and other farmers)
  • Australia Post (all our coffee is delivered Express via Auspost)
  • Biopak (Takeaway compostable cups and lids)
  • Reground (remove and reuse all our soft plastics and used coffee grinds and coffee chaff from roasting)
  • Happy Happy Soy Boy (soy milk for our espresso bar)
  • Powershop - 100% Carbon-neutral Gas & Power for our roastery

Our net calculated annual greenhouse gas emissions from operating activities

Gas for roasting coffee 44.98t - (Our gas is 100% carbon-neutral supplied by powershop)

Electricity 14.45t ( Our electricity is carbon-neutral supplied by powershop)

Motor vehicle 5.02t

Non-recyclable/non compostable waste 4.48t

Water to brew coffee & wash dishes 0.27t

Paper 0.31t

Dairy & other milks used to brew coffee 16.62t

Business air travel economy class 1.5t

Events & promotions 6.23t

Total 92.44t Co2

Carbon Offsets Purchased in 2022 & 2023

250t Moombidary Forest Regeneration Project vintage 2021-22

This project establishes permanent native forests through assisted regeneration from in-situ seed sources (including rootstock and lignotubers) on land that was cleared of vegetation and where regrowth was suppressed for at least 10 years prior to the project having commenced.

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