Our Environmental Initiatives & Reports

.Welcome to Mikro Coffee Roasters Environmental Initiatives and Reporting. Here you can find all our up to date reporting on our carbon offset activities, recycling and waste diversion.

As a starting point you can check our Reground Impact Report in relation to our waste diversion and recycling activities:

Reground Mikro Coffee Roasters Impact Report

Below You Will Find Our Carbon Offset Activities With Australian Accredited Carbon Offset Projects Some Of You Voted On

Carbon Offsets Purchased in 2022 & 2023

250 Tonnes Moombidary Forest Regeneration Project

For more information on this project click here

This project establishes permanent native forests through assisted regeneration from in-situ seed sources (including rootstock and lignotubers) on land that was cleared of vegetation and where regrowth was suppressed for at least 10 years prior to the project having commenced.

250t of carbon offset effectively offset our 90t carbon target for 2022-23 year, in addition to supporting this project and offsetting all of our carbon emissions we have also started participation in the new Clima project to support further Accredited Australian Carbon Offset Schemes.