Try our Award-Winning Espresso Blends & Get your Gift!

Hey guys its Valeri Tkatchenko from Mikro Coffee Roasters here!

Thank you so much for your interest to support a small local coffee roaster based in Torquay, Victoria! I know we don't have the luxury of a huge track record like some other roasters you might be familiar with, but that's okay! 

Today our entire Mikro Coffee Roasters team are ready and eager to let you try all of our Award-Winning blends at new and affordable prices that some of the best Melbourne cafes in suburbs such as Yarraville, Richmond, Mitcham, Ringwood & Brighton have been proudly serving to their customers for the past 2 years.

All we are asking you is this, give us just one shot and purchase any 2Kg of our Espresso blends and we are so confident that you will love it that we are are going to give you a 500g bag of your choice as a gift for giving us a shot!

By purchasing from Mikro Coffee Roasters you are supporting a 100% Australian Owned and operated business and helping us keep the doors open and our awesome team of staff in jobs!

Are you with me?

Simply add to cart any 2Kg of the featured Award-Winning coffees below and you can also add 500g bag of your choice on us!