Our Terms of Trade & Shipping Policy


Mikro Coffee Roasters Terms of Trade

At Mikro Coffee Roasters we aim to be as transparent with all our customers online and offline as possible and treat every one of our customers with respect and fairness.

Our current terms of trade in regards to online sales are as follows

  • Mikro Coffee Roasters discounted online subscriptions are fixed at a set discount rate and no further discount coupons or deals can be applied to coffee subscriptions.
  • Mikro Coffee Roasters current loyalty program and the points earned for purchasing coffee and participating in various points earning activities do not currently work or apply to our coffee subscription program due to compatibility of software between our subscription program and our loyalty program.
  • Earned loyalty program points do not currently apply to the Coffee Subscription program and no points are currently automatically accumulated within our subscription program until such compatibility becomes available to us.
  • Earned loyalty points can be turned in to free shipping coupon or discount coupons that can be used for online coffee purchases that are not of a subscription nature.
  • Mikro Coffee Roasters reserve the right to cancel any coffee subscription without any notice. This could be caused by shortages of stock, issues with freight or shipping or any other unforeseen circumstances that may prevent us from being able to fulfil your coffee subscription.
  • We will endeavour to lock in your fixed subscription price at the advertised discount at the time of your sign up and will not change your locked in price without notifying you via email first of any such changes and allowing you time to make a decision whether you are happy to proceed with your coffee subscription or not.

Our Current Shipping And Handling Arrangements for Australian Customers

  • Due to current unreliability of regular Post shipping and prolonged delivery times we have switched to TNT deliveries for most Victorian online coffee purchases & Express Postage for Regional & Interstate Areas within Australia.
  • Any Local Coffee door to door deliveries for Torquay, Geelong Area are delivered Monday To Friday with the Bellarine deliveries being delivered on Wednesday for any orders received prior to Wednesday.
  • If you have an existing coffee subscription with Mikro Coffee Roasters and noticed the increased freight charges, this is due to the switch to faster and more reliable shipping methods that unfortunately cost more.