Our ESG Policy

Mikro Coffee Roasters are making major changes to be ESG friendly company.

Reducing environmental impacts of our business is at the top of our business plan along with social impacts our company has on our community and other stakeholders that our company is involved with.

We are committed to implementation and use of green energy production and storage to offset carbon emissions. We are exploring and innovating plastic-free solutions for our coffee packaging to do away plastic use as much as possible.

Our Social targets are to achieve higher and more fair wages for our team members, higher premiums for raw coffee for our coffee producing partners and any other supplier that we work with.

We strive to maintain low team member turnover and look after our team members and provide a safe working environment and fair wages and benefits.

The board of the business strive to be more transparent with shareholders and other stakeholders, embrace diversity and keep executive compensation in line with industry standards.