Barissima Review & How to Get Started

Barissima review
Have you heard about this new automatic milk texturing and dispensing unit and looking for a barissima review from a real cafe using it?
Mikro Coffee Roasters have being early adopters of the Barissima milk texturing and dispensing unit and we have used it for at least 4 months now to know exactly what you can expect from these systems and what issues and benefits you can expect.
To begin with we have been using our Barissima unit with plastic membranes and our unhomogenized Apostle way milk had too much cream and butterfat which blocked the plastic micro membrane very quickly and slowed down the milk flow and fucked up the milk texture also!
So we decided to test with a basic homogenized milk and that worked ok but didnt achieve the desired creamy flavour we were used to with our Apostle Way full cream milk.
The barissima guys have supplied us with a new spout that no longer used a plastic micro membrane and had a solid plastic disc inside with 2 holes and a triangular piece to help texture the milk which was no longer getting blocked with really heavy cream milks like ours.
Since changing the spout and following new cleaning procedures using the correct cleaning fluids we have had nothing but awesome milk texture on demand and using our high quality milk.
Currently it only takes 9 seconds for a 6oz perfect texture flat white or 14 seconds for a 12oz takeaway coffee.
Our work flow has sped up immensly and we are selling more consistent and much quicker coffees even in peak hour rush periods.
Since we have been a part of ongoing Research and Development of the Barissima unit with the big help from Angus from Project Black cafe we have become a sales and support agent for Barissima and can help you purchase your own unit and receive all the support and help you need to make it work to suit your cafe needs.
Contact us on to learn more about Barissima and enquire about purchasing your own unit for your cafe.