Coffee growing in colombia

What makes a Good Coffee?

Starting at the farm and down the line good coffee should be farmed and processed with passion and with care and focus on quality over quantity.

Farmed by happy people that are making enough money for their hard work to support their family.

That coffee Is usually recognised and purchased by the roaster and roasted with care to showcase the terroir where the coffee is grown and the hard work that went in to farming and processing as well as properly storing the coffee.

In the commercial setting such as your local cafe the roaster should convey the information about the coffee to the barista and help the barista understand how to extract the coffee to the best of his or her ability and to the recommended brew recipe of the roaster and for ultimate enjoyment of the customer.

Respect and hard work on all levels of supply chain is required to make a Good Coffee.

In the home setting it is just as important for a home barista to understand and follow recommended brew recipes to make consistently great coffee and there are a few sneaky factors that are working against the unassuming home baristas.

To learn more about brewing great coffee at home on your home espresso machine read our Home Espresso Machine Brew Recipes & Tips.


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