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PLA Takeaway Cups & Lids

Did you know Mikro only uses compostable PLA takeaway cups & lids?

What exactly is PLA

They are products made from biopolymer called PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is made from plants like corn, grown either right here in Australia or in the U.S. Starch from corn is processed into a biopolymer that looks, acts, and performs like petroleum-based plastics but is easily compostable and breaks down well!

Why we use it?

Our takeaway cups are lined with PLA which works just like traditional plastics, but we benefit of being totally 100% compostable in commercial compost facilities or in home compost bin.

What's cool about it?

Most takeaway cup linings are made of plastics which are derived from petroleum, or oil. Oil is our most valuable resource in many ways. It's also a resource that comes with a lot of negative environmental and social impacts.

Our takeaway cups give you the option of rejecting products made with plastic and instead opt for cups lined with pla made from corn instead of oil. Corn can be grown again and again, unlike oil which is nonrenewable. PLA plastics have the added benefit of being compostable when you are finished using them. Composting is an opportunity to divert waste that would otherwise be landfilled — and by composting, you create valuable humus which improves soil so that plants can grow again.

Our wholesale customers including Livefast Cafe, Cafe Bahloo, Periwinkles Cafe, Mount Gambier TAFE and Commodore on The Park as well as Que Sera cafe all using PLA takeaway cups and lids significantly reducing waste and landfill in our local area and interstate virtually at no extra cost to their budgets or the Environment!

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We can each make a difference in our own little way. Your company has a great philosophy and kudos to you for doing your bit to reduce landfill and help our environment. More coffee roasters should follow suit with educating their cafe customers about what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint.


I wish more cafes would follow your fantastic lead. So many of those regular takeaway coffee cups end up in landfill or in our oceans. Single use plastics are the main item we find on our beach clean ups. We thank you for taking a stand against this. #fortheoceans

Jo small

Well done Valeri,glad to see you are doing this it might make people think now


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