Slingshot Coffee Grinder - Conical Blade

Mikro Coffee Roasters

Regular price $2,300.00

Do YOU want to know how to significantly speed up your coffee service and reduce wastage and start improving your coffee margins? If so, you need to read on as this slingshot coffee grinder can totally change your coffee service system.

Mikro Coffee Roasters have been lucky enough to get our hands on very first few Conical Blade Slingshot coffee grinders and needless to say, we are really impressed with the way they grind and distribute and dose the coffee In the porta filter with absolutely zero wastage which is pretty much unheard of at this time in our industry.

Slingshot grinder features

  • 68mm Conical Blades
  • Hopper Capacity - 1.2kg
  • Speed - 1215 R.P.M
  • 450-570 WATT


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