Puqpress Auto Tamp Station

Mikro Coffee Roasters

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Puqpress Auto Tamp Station

Tamp Perfectly Every Time!

No matter which barista makes coffee, tamping with Puqpress will achieve perfect tamping level due to the unique, patented clamping mechanism. Perfect tamping leads to better espresso shots and reduced barista calibration and variation.

Consistent Tamping Pressure

Tamping pressure is digitally adjustable from 10kg to 30kg to ensure 100% consistency between baristas. Guaranteed to reduce barista injuries and fatigue caused by tamping Manually.

Save Time

With an average Tamping time of under 1.4 seconds, Puqpress becomes much faster than manual tamping.

Reduce Channeling & Wastage

There is no channeling shots when using PuqPress properly, saving on coffee and ensuring the coffee is consistent, ready quickly and satisfied customer is out the door fast!