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Online interactive aeropress class
Online interactive filter coffee class
online aeropress coffee brewing class

Interactive Online Aeropress & Pour Over Filter Brewing Class

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This online Interactive home barista course is aimed at Home Aeropress & Pour Over Brewing & helping you brew the Perfect coffee using a humble Aeropress or Pour Overs like v60 or Chemex etc!

Let our expert baristas come straight to your kitchen or home office (virtually) in an online interactive format and teach you the secrets and brew recipes we use in our brew bar to make mind-blowing filter coffee with Aeropress or Pour Over gear.

The format of our virtual barista training and lessons begins as of Wednesday the 1st of April and we will initially be hosting one on one barista and coffee lovers at a time and answer all your burning questions and teach you how to brew perfect coffee at home with us!

This Coffee at Home with Mikro class is to learn how to make the most of your Aeropress or Pour Over filter coffee.

To make the most of our Home barista course please make sure that you order your freshly roasted coffee from us online before the class so we can help you achieve the best results possible! We recommend buying at least 1kg of coffee to ensure you have enough coffee for dialing in process of your home grinder.

What you need to have at home for this class:

  • Aeropress or Pour Over gear
  • Kettle, preferably temperature controlled one, if not then a thermometer to measure your water temperature
  • Kitchen scales that allow you to weigh coffee by the gram
  • Mikro Coffee at least 1kg
  • Coffee grinder or hand grinder
  • If you are using pre ground coffee that is also ok but not recommended for best results

Please also download Google hangouts app on your phone or tablet, we will get in touch with you for our virtual in home barista class on the day! Every class is live and interactive and we will be teaching every participant in our class in real time how to achieve the best results with your Aeropress or Pour Over.

To book simply add this class to Cart and any coffee or other supplies you might need from our online store.

 We will see you online in your kitchen!

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