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Ethiopian Guji, Alaka - Grade 1 Premium

Ethiopian Guji, Alaka - Grade 1 Premium

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Country: Ethiopia

Process: Natural
Region Area: Dimtu, Alaka
Variety: Heirloom varieties
Mill: G&F, Alaka Village
Producer: Gizaw Alemayehu
Picking method: Hand picked
Drying technique: African raised beds
Drying period: 20-30 days
Altitude: 1800-2200 MASL
Average rainfall: 1700-2000mm
Average temp: 12.7– 29.6 deg
Harvest time: Nov-Jan

In The Cup: Plum reduction, black forest cake & blackberry

About this coffee

This lot is produced via the team at G&F (Gizaw and Frehiwot).
Alemayehu (Gizaw’ s father) produced coffee from his large privately owned coffee
farms in the surrounding areas of Yirgacheffe until the new socialist government
emerged in 1974 and nationalized his farms.
Scarred by these events, the then young Gizaw did not see any future in farm
ownership due to the harsh new government policies. Instead, he shifted his focus to
coffee processing, supplying in a modern approach in pursuit of his father’s vision
with his wife, Frehiwot.
Ripe cherries are delivered to wet-mill where they are floated for defects, graded,
and then placed on raised African beds, coffee is shaded between 12-3pm and turned
frequently for steady drying until it reaches 11.5% in around 20-30 days.


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