NOT another Black Friday.

Welcome to something that is NOT a Black Friday Sales post but please bear with me for a moment and I promise I will make it worth your while.

We made some significant changes to our shipping process and provider here at Mikro Coffee.

You will now find that all our Metro Melbourne coffee packages as well as any other Victorian based packages will be delivered WAY QUICKER than Australia Post Express which seems to be under the pump currently and has been furstratingly slow for some of our customers and we appologise for that. With the Black Friday sales and Impending Christmas online shopping rush I don't see it getting any better anytime soon so we are taking some corrective actions. You will see an option called Sendle Domestic as a shipping option, choose that or choose courier express option and we will take care of the rest!

This is a massive positive change and we are pretty excited about getting our coffee as quickly as possible for you to Enjoy.


We Are About To Increase Our Team Wages (Pssst, Don't Tell Them, Its a Surprise!)

YES! These guys worked hard throughout the whole pandemic period and we are super proud of each and every one of them! With that said, we are further increasing our team wages to ensure that they can keep up with the rising costs of living due to the inflation and still enjoy life as much as possible! All thanks to your support and our tight ship.


We Made a New Trading Partnership & Secured Certified Organic Premium Honduras Coffee For 2022 Coffee Year!

This is an amazing coffee and it comes from a very sustainable farm and this coffee is grown Organically and will be a big feature in our blends heading in to 2022 and you will be able to Enjoy the rich and smooth flavour of this Honduras coffee in your daily cup of Mikro.


Unforeseen Coffee Price Hikes Continue

Due to the unforeseen coffee prices continuing to hike up out of control we had to make tiny tweaks to our coffee prices to keep up with the rising costs of goods and to continue buying sustainably sourced Premium coffee without compromise. This is our commitment and we will not flunk out on our mission and we hope that you can support us and thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are in this together.


NOW The Formalities Are Out Of The Way, Lets Have Some Fun!

I want to thank you personally for all your ongoing support it means more to us than you know and because of you we have been able to survive the lockdowns and continue on with our mission to continue supporting Local jobs and buy sustainably sourced and where possible organically grown Premium Coffees!

I want you to take 15% OFF Discount and use it to reward yourself for all your support!


Use The Discount Code THANKYOU

It will even work for the 2kg + 500g Free deal, the Mikro Flavour pack, random home barista gear that we stock as well as our single origins and all your favourite blends! This discount also applies to home coffee classes and other bits and pieces that we stock.


Please Enjoy and reward yourself, You've earned this!

* Please note this discount is almost store-wide and only excludes the bulk buyers deal because its already cheap and some really expensive espresso coffee equipment that we cannot afford to discount. I may have missed an odd item or two, please don't be mad.

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Wow this is a great deal for all . Home Baristas We at mad cow coffee n Gelato in Apollo bay get asked every day we’re can we buy it we always send them home through Torquay to pick up cheers Paul and Wendy

Mad cow coffee

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