Mikro is a Carbon Neutral Certified Company - What Does That Mean?

Mikro is a Carbon Neutral Certified Company - What Does That Mean?

As of 2023 Mikro Coffee Roasters is a Carbon Neutral certified company.

So what exactly does it mean and why should you care?

Well, to put it simply, we calculate all our carbon emissions from all our operations for a full financial year. This includes but not limited to:

  • All the coffee we purchase from suppliers and carbon emissions associated with production and transportation of that coffee to our roastery 
  • Natural gas and electricity our company uses to roast and package our coffee
  • Motor vehicle fuel, oil and other expenses
  • Printing and paper
  • Hard waste
  • Any aero travel overseas or within Australia
  • All our packaging and postage and handling of our coffee to our customers

After we totalled our carbon emissions all thanks to our consultant Andy that helped us calculate everything properly we come to the total of 118.9 ton of carbon.

We then carefully chosen Australian accredited reforestation projects including Indigenous co benefit projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere by planting trees and native vegetation and purchased these accredited carbon units to offset our emissions.

So basically for every ton of carbon our organization produces we pay for at least 1 ton or more of carbon emissions to be removed from the atmosphere by planting more trees and restoring native vegetation.

To put it even simpler, we pay government accredited groups to plant trees on our behalf to offset our emissions.

In 2023 Mikro Coffee Roasters received official Australian Government carbon neutral certification by Climate Active and you can view our certification company page on climate active here...

By purchasing your coffee from Mikro you can be 100% assured that all coffee we roast and supply comes to you 100% carbon neutral and you don't need to worry about any carbon emissions associated with our coffee.

Thank you for supporting Mikro Coffee Roasters, thanks to you we are able to do great things as a small organization.

Valeri Tkatchenko

Mikro Coffee Roasters

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