Mikro Coffee Roasters is a Certified B Corp! What Does That Mean?

Mikro Coffee Roasters is a Certified B Corp! What Does That Mean?

Have you ever wished that companies wouldn't lie about their business practices?
Stop all the unsubstantiated greenwashing?
Stop ripping off their staff and busting their suppliers balls? (you might be a staff member or a supplier yourself!)
Well, we now have a hope that things will change.
You might have seen me mention here and there that I have been busy working on our B corp certification of Mikro Coffee Roasters for the past couple of years.
B corp certification is not some kind of award that you can win or buy with money.
Its a global movement of people using business as a force for good.
B corp is the change that we have all been longing for and B lab is responsible for strict B corp certification of companies using a very strict set of guidelines.
I recognise that the current economic conditions and cycles are broken due to greed, hunger for power and profit and inequality. This is why I run Mikro Coffee Roasters differently, well before I discovered B corp.

I have always intended to run Mikro as a Benefit Corporation.

A Benefit Corporation stands for benefit for all, not just profit and greed for some.
It brings me joy knowing that our company albeit a small company is making a real and measurable change to the lives our our suppliers and coffee farmers, our team of roastery staff and of course our local community we live and work in and the Environment that is in desperate need of regeneration.
This is what being a B corp is all about. Its a way of life and a better way of doing business.
Its our purpose to do better.
By supporting a small B corp like Mikro you can be 100% certain that we are benefiting more than just our shareholders, we benefit everyone involved with our coffee.
Our entire business from top to bottom has been audited and reviewed by B lab. And I mean EVERYTHING.
This includes all our profit and loss statements, our wages and employee work standards and benefits, our Environmental practices and every single red cent that we have donated to local and Australian national charities and not for profit organizations.
When you see that Certified B Corporation logo, you know that the business that proudly displays this logo has gone through the same rigorous certification process as us here at Mikro.
Its a stamp of honesty and sincerity to do better business.
I would like to personally thank you for joining us on our Mikro Journey, all thanks to the support of people like you we can drive real change, one coffee at a time.
Cheers to you and Mikro coffee with a purpose!

Valeri Tkatchenko
Founder of Mikro Coffee Roasters
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