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El Paraiso Frutos Rojos by Diego Bermudez 250gr

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El Paraiso Frutos Rojos by Diego Bermudez 250gr

Diego Bermudez is a multi award winning Colombian coffee producer, he has carefully selected and processed a small lot of 200kg of his best cherries with his innovative fermentation and drying methods specially to order for us at Mikro Roasters.

El Paraiso is located in the department of Cauca Colombia. It is characterised by its climate - humid with high incidence of Pacific winds that contributes to the solid growth of quality coffee cherries.

1890 MASL
Process: Washed/experimental fermentation
Region: Cauca
Producer: Diego Bermudez

In the cup: buttery and creamy aromas with very clean and crisp medium juicy acidity, tropical fruit and hazelnut mid palate and blackcurrant and gooseberry notes on the finish.

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