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Plum Murat from Jack Murat estate

Australian Grown Coffee - Jack Murat Estate

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This Coffee has now arrived at our roastery in Torquay and first batches have been freshly roasted by Valeri on 19th July!

There has never been a better time to support Australian business and products and thanks to your support as our customer we are bringing you this Directly Traded 100% Australian Grown Coffee from Jack Murat estate in Mareeba, North Queensland and roasted by us in Torquay at Mikro Coffee Roasters!

This coffee is farmed by Plum Murat, farmer in Mareeba with rich farming experience and knowledge of the land and climate of his area 🚜. 

The Murat family decided to commit everything they learned and earned from farming Australian land in to growing quality coffee. No expense was spared in setting up their coffee plantation and their coffee washing, drying and sorting shed.

We visited Jack Murat estate in June, 2 days before their coffee harvest has officially begun and learned all about their family estate, their growing and harvesting as well as processing and storage techniques and we were very impressed by the dedication Plum Murat and his family have for growing premium quality coffee in Australia.

By buying this coffee you are supporting an Australian coffee farming family & small coffee roasting business based in Torquay.

Origin: AUSTRALIA! - Mareeba, North Queensland

MASL: 500m

Flavour Profile: Smooth milk chocolate with notes of caramel and lemon and toasted nuts with low to medium acidity and medium body.

Perfect for Milk Coffee & Espresso coffee.

Brew Recipes

For home machines you can try the following brew recipes:

18gr espresso grind coffee

28 to 32 grams of espresso yield in the cup

Extraction time between 20 to 24 seconds

Home Espresso Recipe 2

20 grams of espresso ground coffee

38 grams of espresso yield in cup

Extraction time between 22 to 26 seconds

For Plunger ( French Press)

18 grams of coarse ground coffee

250 grams of water, prefferably around 93c to 96c

Please enjoy!

1Kg and 500 grams available as well as 250g option

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