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Caffe Assist - Sell Quality Coffee, Faster!

Caffe Assist - Sell Quality Coffee, Faster!

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What is Caffe Assist and why it will improve your Coffee Business?

Have you ever looked at your Coffee business and wondered why you are not selling enough coffee to make a significant profit and grow your business? Do you struggle to find and retain good baristas in your business or simply cant afford the extra help right now?

Caffe Assist can help you with 2 key problems of brewing and selling coffee commercially and to a consistent and high standard and give you the edge to do it faster and easier than your competitors and help you save on wages at the same time, it's like having that extra help, extra barista on hand that you either cant find or can't fit in your tight budget.

With Caffe Assist You will achieve the following:

  • Automatically texture milk to a high standard and the same temperature consistently without the need to be an experienced barista
  • Exponentially speed up the process of coffee brewing, freeing you up to pull shots or serve another customer while Caffe assist textures the milk for you.
  • In busy cafes one barista textures the milk almost the whole time, imagine if you could have a machine do that tedious job and instead you could have that staff member focus on more important customer focused tasks!
  • Caffe Assist is self cleaning, no more dirty steam wands with auto clean and purge cycle after steaming each jug
  • Fully customizable milk profiles and temperatures for each milk or jug size

If you don't see the benefit of using a Caffe Assist just from the few examples I mentioned above this unit is not for you, it's that simple.

Caffe Assist is already in use in some of the highest grossing coffee businesses and coffee shops in Australia and they are selling more coffee faster and more consistently while you wonder where your coffee regulars are going and why you are not gaining new coffee customers.

Why Buy Caffe Assist from Us?

Valeri is based in Victoria and is a highly recommended Caffe Assist install and customer service specialist with extensive barista and coffee business skills. We will install your caffe assist perfectly and make sure it is dialled in and programmed to suit your needs and teach you how to use it to speed up your work flow and coffee output by up to 50% and help you learn how to sell more coffee with your new advantage over your competitors.

Are you ready to change your coffee business forever?

We offer 2 options to get started.

Lease your Caffe assist for affordable weekly payments or buy it.

Email valeri@mikro.coffee to get started if you want to significantly improve your coffee business and sell more coffee.

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